Yes, we do offer free trackable delivery when you order through this site. You can find more information about delivery in our SERVICES tab. And you can also explore our Delivery Range Map, to get a more exact minimum for your area. You’ll receive a tracking link when the driver starts your task, to track your order.

Yes, we do accept credit and  debit card payments. Except for American Express and giftcards.

If you’re paying with a Credit/Debit Card, please be advised that there is a third-party convenience fee of $4 for all card transactions. Be sure to have the following ready for the driver to take your payment upon arrival: a phone to receive text, a Valid Scannable ID (Issued by US, Mexico, or Canada only – no passports or other documents accepted) and Credit/Debit card that matches the name on the invoice (cannot process payment with someone else’s card).

You need a Valid Physical ID or Passport in order to enter. For recreational: Must be over 21 years or older with a valid physical ID or passport. 

For Medical Customers: Must have valid Medical Recommendation Card and ID or passport, especially if under 21 years old.

All you need to sign up for Exhalence Rewards Program is First and Last Name and Phone Number. You will receive 5% back in store credit every time you shop with us. You will also get to take part in our Daily Deals and Promos exclusively for rewards members.

Items eligible for a refund must be defective or damaged by the manufacturer within 15 days of the date of purchase. Due to cannabis laws, there are no cash or credit refund. All refunds will be returned in STORE CREDIT ONLY, if the product is in its original packaging. Promotional items are non-refundable. Everything will be a case by case situation!

If you are not a member of our rewards program, you MUST HAVE THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT to proceed with the return, and must use store credit day of return. A shift leader or manager will always be available if you call our store front!

We require masks to be worn when inside of our establishment. If you have been exempted from wearing a mask, please provide documentation. If you don’t have a mask we will provide you with a complementary mask upon arrival. We do not require vaccine cards to enter.

Unfortunately due to cannabis laws, the person on the invoice must be the one present to receive the order. If you can’t make it, please let us know to make the proper adjustments to the order, to match the customer receiving the order.

We offer delivery, in-store or curbside pickup. For more information on these services, visit our SERVICES tab.

FIRST TIME DISCOUNT – 15% Off entire purchase or 20% of with promo code FIRST20 (redeemable at online checkout only on official site)

WISDOM (65&up), VETERAN, DISABLED DISCOUNT – 10% off entire purchase. (Saved to member account)

BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT – 10% off entire purchase if you shop with us on your birthday.

REFERAL DISCOUNT – 10% off entire purchase, must be used day of referral.


> Munchie Monday – 15% off all edibles and drinks

> Tank Tuesday – 15% off all vapes and disposables 

> Weedy Wednesday – 15% off all flower purchases

>Therapy Thursday – 15% off all wellness products (Tinctures, Balms, Lotions, Pills/Capsules, Bath Bombs/Soaks)

> Fun Friday – Spend $100 pretax, get 2 bonus items for $1 each every additional $50 = $1 bonus (Max 4)

> Saucy Saturday –15% off all our dabbable concentrates  

> Saving Sunday – 15% off entire purchase

 (We cannot stack discounts, but we honor our wisdom/vet/disability and birthday discounts on top of any other applicable discount!)